Liam Neeson Says The #MeToo Movement is a ‘Witch Hunt’ Which Means He Obviously Sexually Harassed A Bunch of Chicks

“There’s a bit of a witch hunt happening too. There are some people — famous people — being suddenly accused of touching some girl’s knee or something, and suddenly have been dropped from their program or something.”



New rule: stop putting microphones in front of old rich white men. They are suspended from giving their opinions until further notice. If you don’t understand why these women are ‘suddenly’ accusing men of being creeps and you diminish it by saying that now you can’t touch knees or whatever then what you’re essentially saying is ‘I definitely grabbed a lot of asses without consent back in the day. Please don’t tell The Hollywood Reporter. Please. You bitch.”

What are the chances that we get a story about Liam Neeson forcing himself on a Boom operator? 1000%? What is the point of even coming out and saying this? “Ugh, I can’t honk a random broad’s tits anymore. Fucking witch hunt’.

By the way, no woman has come out and said that they didn’t want their knee being touched but just a heads up, if a woman says that they don’t want their knee being touched…don’t touch their knee. That’s the point of this whole ‘witch hunt’. It’s men deciding that they own women and they can say or do whatever they want because they’re in a position of power.

Having said all of that, I’m definitely going to see Liam Neeson’s new movie, The Commuter like, the second I publish this article. I want/need to see the homie, Liam, throat chop fools. Sure, he probably made a bunch of chicks on set uncomfortable but man, can he chop a throat.



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