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Let’s Talk About This Solo Beast Movie That Fox Almost Made

The late ’80s-set script begins in a snow-covered Inuit village that’s being stalked by a mysterious creature.

We wanted to have the tenor of John Carpenter’s The Thing where you are in this inhospitable environment,” says Ottman.

The script then cuts to Hank McCoy, who is living in the X-Mansion and is keeping his mutation in check with a special serum introduced in 2014’s Days of Future Past. During a Danger Room sequence, it becomes apparent Hank is having trouble controlling his beastly nature as he nearly loses control. Early in the first act, we also learn Hank has been helping a scientist who has a similar mutation.

Hank has provided the man with a sample of his serum, but things have taken a vicious turn. Hank goes in search of the man, who he discovers has been terrorizing the Inuit village. The journey all leads to a showdown in which Hank teams up with Wolverine, whom Prof. X has located using Cerebro. The very end of the film ends with a tag revealing the villain Mr. Sinister has been watching the proceedings. (THR)

So it appears as though Fox was lowkey attempting to build their own version of the MCU exclusively with their X-Men properties and Mr. Sinister was going to be their Thanos.

On paper, that’s an interesting idea.

Sony is currently in the midst of a similar idea as they’re attempting to build a Spider-Man universe consisting exclusively of villains without actually using Spider-Man.

Annnnd then Venom came out and we were quickly reminded of why Sony gave Spider-Man back to the MCU. They have no idea how to tell a story.

Fox has yet to release an objectively great X-Men movie. First Class was good or whatever but that had more to do with the decision to build a movie around great actors and using mutants from the comics that no one really has any prior relationships with.

We all know what Storm is supposed to be and it isn’t Halle Berry collecting a paycheck. Storm is from Africa and sounds like she’s from Africa. Fox couldn’t even get the simplest details correct.

BUT, Fox absolutely hit back-to-back homers with Deadpool and Logan so the idea of a Beast movie in 2010 would be garbage. A Beast solo movie in 2019 might actually work especially based off of the premise that was described.

On one hand, the world doesn’t need a Beast movie.

Kelsey Grammar was an excellent Beast. In 2006. 13 years ago. Nicholas Hoult was Beast in the last few movies and he is one of the worst parts of those bad movies. He’s just moping around sad that he’s Beast and he’s horny for Jennifer Lawrence.

No one wants to see two hours of Nicholas Hoult doing anything and definitely not him portraying Beast again.

BUT, if this movie followed the footsteps of Deadpool and Logan and turn the Beast movie into an R-rated road trip adventure and throw a Wolverine into it for good measure then you might have one of the best movies.

Thankfully, Disney bought the X-Men property back to Marvel Studios so we won’t have to ever worry about another R-rated superhero movie ever again. They will all be the same copy and pasted family comedy films until the sun burns out.

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