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Let’s Talk About The Brief 24 Time Period When Carmelo Anthony and Jeremy Lin Were Teammates Again on the Atlanta Hawks

Jeremy Lin’s career has been a rollercoaster but like, a weird rollercoaster where there is a meteoric rise followed by a quick drop and then it basically just becomes a steady level train ride with no real thrills.

Linsanity is the greatest moment in modern Knicks history and it isn’t even close. The entire Isiah Thomas head coach/front office era was a disaster. How many Stephon Marbury/Steve Francis/Penny Hardaway/ Tracy McGrady/Baron Davis old worn out guards did they intend on signing? Jeremy Lin was the best guard I’ve ever seen in a Knicks jersey, besides Ron Baker of course.

During the middle of the 2011-2012 season, Carmelo went down with a groin injury, presumably from spending his off days impregnating local strippers. Jeremy Lin TOOK OVER Manhattan as the Knicks went 8-1 without Carmelo standing 19-feet away from the basketball holding the ball while draining all 24 seconds off of the shot clock as he stares his defender down just jab stepping even though the defender knows for a fact that Carmelo isn’t going to ever dribble past him so all of those jab steps are pointless.

There was a 6-game stretch where Lin averaged 26.8 points per night including a 38 point BATTLE against Kobe Bryant who scored 34 that night. Lin literally went one-on-one against Kobe and the Knicks beat the Lakers while Carmelo was on the sideline just sucking his teeth and rolling his eyes.

Carmelo came back and made it very clear that the Knicks belonged to him and when the season ended, Jeremy Lin was not re-signed. Lin never turned into that 20 point scorer after leaving New York but he also never had the opportunity to have an offense run through him like he did in the glory days.

Never forget Linsanity.

The Atlanta Hawks acquired Jeremy Lin this summer as their back up for Trae Young, the worst best shooter ever. Lin was in a pretty good position to make an impact on a bad team. Pressure was completely off of him in Atlanta and he could kind of just chill.

Enter Carmelo.

Now I know that this Carmelo Anthony trade was Oklahoma City getting rid of the worst player on their team and managing to get Dennis Schroder in return and Melo was waived immediately but can you imagine how Jeremy Lin must’ve felt when he saw that news?

My man was looking for apartments in the city when all of a sudden he got an ESPN notification and decided he was going to stay live in his car knowing that Carmelo was going to run him out of town by dinner time.  Melo prefers to score 35 points instead of actually winning. Lin was on borrowed time.

I’m personally distraught finding out that this duo won’t be reunited. There goes about 6,402 Deadseriousness articles right out the window. This entire website would’ve transformed into a complete analysis of every single interaction and glance that those two enemies would’ve had together.

Sure, I get to have articles about Carmelo Anthony single-handedly losing games for the Houston Rockets but that’s not the same.

Never. Forget. Linsanity.


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