Let’s Talk About Josh Allen (And How Much He Sucks)

Every single mock draft I read seems to have Josh Allen going in the Top 5 and most are saying that he will most likely be the number one overall draft pick for the Cleveland Browns. On paper, that makes total sense. He’s a 6’5, 233-pound white. That’s the typical formula for success.

Except Josh Allen sucks.

His career completion percentage at Wyoming is 56% which is awful. Any time he let the ball out of his hands there was a 50/50 chance that ball would hit the dirt. Again, Allen played at Wyoming which means he was competing against teams like Boise State, New Mexico and Utah State. Basically division II football. And he only completed 56% of his throws.

The Los Angeles Rams are going to kill this kid.

ESPN’s Mel Kiper has some ‘thoughts’ about stats.

“Stats are for losers. The guy won.” Interesting. Except that Wyoming finished 8-5 in a weak conference with a starting quarterback that is supposed to be the number one overall pick. So he won, yes. Sometimes.

However, here’s what draft guru, Mel Kiper, had to say about (black) quarterback, Lamar Jackson, and his low completion percentage:

Okay, Mel. So we’re clearly just going to be saying bullshit until the NFL draft, I suppose. I know it’s tough to evaluate quarterbacks based off of their college statistics because the systems they play in vary and blah blah.

So for context, let’s compare stats.

  • Josh Allen’s final season at Wyoming: 56.% completion percentage. 127.8 passer rating. 2.6 touchdowns per interceptions. 1,812 yards.


  • Josh Freeman final season at Kansas State: 58.6% completion percentage. 136.5 passer rating. 2.5 touchdowns per interception. 2,945 yards.


  • Jake Locker final season at Washington: 55.4% completion percentage. 124.2 passer rating. 1.8 touchdowns per interception. 2,265 yards.


Josh Freeman and Jake Locker are two first-round quarterbacks from the last decade that have the closest numbers to Josh Allen. Josh Freeman plays Canadian football now and Jake Locker like, sells insurance somewhere.

Yea uh, Josh Allen sucks. Don’t be shocked in 5 years when you call an Uber from the bar at 2am and Allen picks you up in a Toyota Camry.




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