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Let’s Talk About Estevan Florial, The Most Untouchable Prospect in MLB History, Apparently

For the last couple of years, any time the Yankees were in trade discussions with a team, 21-year old centerfielder, Estevan Florial, was always thrown into the trade and then immediately taken out because the Yankees have pretty much made him off limits.

Estevan Florial has yet to sniff AAA baseball. He hasn’t even played at the AA level. In 2017 his numbers were 297/.373/.483 with 21 doubles, five triples, 11 homers, 43 RBIs and 17 steals. Mad decent. 

Florial could develop into a superstar one day which explains why every team tries to pry him away from the Yankees but prospects aren’t guaranteed commodities so New York’s insistence that he’s worth more than any starting pitcher that can help them win a World Series right now is odd.

Especially considering that earlier this week Brian Cashman said he’s not going after Bryce Harper because he already has 6 outfielders on the roster. If the six outfielders on the roster are all better than Bryce Harper then they are 1000% better than Estevan Florial so what are you holding onto him for?

Florial can’t even get onto to the field if you are putting all of your eggs in the Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks, Giancarlo Stanton and Clint Frazier baskets. There is nowhere for him to play. 

You know who there is plenty of room for? Corey Kluber or Madison Bumgarner or Noah Syndergaard. Or does Brian Cashman not want them because he already has 9 pitchers on the roster?

Holding onto Estevan Florial for what he could develop into instead of going after known commodities that you know can help you immediately defeats of purpose of even accumulating young prospects.

If the Yankees want to win minor league championships instead of World Series championships then yes, hold onto Florial forever and keep him in single A.

If the Yankees want to beat the Boston Red Sox and win their first title in a decade, trade Estevan for a superstar. Esteven Florial isn’t the last great prospect the Yankees will ever have. Brian Cashman is swimming in International Pool Money. There will be more Florial’s. In the meantime, make. fucking. trades.





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