Let’s Quickly Run Through How The New York Giants Can Still Win The NFC East


Okay sooo the New York Giants are currently 4-8 on the season with 4 games left to play. ESPN says that they currently have less than 0.1% chance to win the NFC East….which means there’s a chance.

Basically, every single thing has to go perfectly the Giants way and there’s zero margin for error but again, there’s a chance.

First of all, the Giants have to win out.

This Sunday, the Giants play Mark Sanchez. So basically the Giants have to win their last 3 games because Mark Sachez isn’t a human being. Washington will be playing this Sunday’s game with 10-men on offense and no quarterback.

The week after, the Giants have to beat the Titans. We just watched Derrick Henry run THROUGH the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars defense is far superior to the Giants. Derrick Henry might stiff-arm Janoris Jenkins through a car windshield.

The Indianapolis Colts had a 5-game winning streak going. They lost last weekend. The momentum is lost. Andrew Luck has returned to mortal ground. His halo has expired. The Colts are quite beatable.

Finally, the Dallas fucking Cowboys. You cannot convince me that the Cowboys are a good football team. Bullshit. Giants are winning this game 75-0 thanks to Kyle Lauletta having 7 passing touchdowns.



The Eagles have to beat the Cowboys this Sunday. Easy. Dak Prescott and the boys just had the best game of the year against the New Orleans Saints. When the Cowboys get cocky, they turn into the worst team ever.



Los Angeles Rams beat the Eagles.

Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Washington Redskins.

Indianapolis Colts beat the Dallas Cowboys.



Houston Texans beat the Philadelphia Eagles.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Dallas Cowboys.

Tennesee Titans beat the Washington Redskins.



Washington Redskins beat the Philadelphia Eagles.


Okay soo let’s recap: Washington finishes 7-9. Philadelphia finishes 7-9. Dallas finishes 7-9. NEW YORK GIANTS FINISH 8-8 AND WIN THE NFC EAST LETS GOOOOOO.

This is very simple. The Giants have to go 4-0 and the Cowboys have to go 0-4 and neither of those options seems completely out of the realm of possibility. Saquon Barkley can go off and have a Derrick Henry game every week and Dak Prescott can have a shitty Dak Prescott game every week.

The New York Giants are going to the playoffs and no one can tell me otherwise.





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