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Let’s Go Over The Vegas Odds of Who Will Sit on the Iron Throne At The End of Game of Thrones

Before we go forward, I should say I do not condone gambling on a television show, especially a show like Game of Thrones that has dedicated itself to killing off main characters just for the hell of it.

I should also add, I am awful with money and I am 1000% throwing money on this fictional universe in which the outcome will be totally random. This is like putting money on a roulette table but a roulette table with like, ya know, dragons and shit. So a nerdy roulette table, I reckon.

Here are the odds:

Bran +130
Jon +500
Daenerys +600
The Night King +900
Arya +1000
Tyrion +1200
Sansa +1400
Gendry +1600
Samwell +2000
Cersei +2500
Jaime +4000
Davos +5000


There were a lot of rumors that Bran would be the king when it’s all said and done. He is the last male Stark left so he rightfully has a claim to the throne over Jon Snow, the bastard. My man also has superpowers that will probably play a major part in the final season.

That’s a sucker’s bet.

Here’s the number you need to keep an eye on: Cersei +2500. Now, I’m not saying that’s the best bet but if Game of Thrones is all about subverting tropes, Cersei, the villain of the show, winning at the end would be a huge subversion.

Plus, they’ve been setting up the prophecy that all of her kids will die and her brother will kill her. Her kids are dead so all that’s left is for Jaime to finish the job. Game of Thrones curveball coming. She actually survives and wins the Iron Throne while Daenerys and Jon Snow are getting murdered by ice zombies.

Speaking of which, Daenerys was my favorite character for most of the show buuuut we all know she’s like, mega dead, right? If she survives this entire season and makes it back to the Iron Throne at the end of the show I will be more shocked than I was watching The Red Wedding mainly because I’ve never been to a wedding before and I assume that happens every single time.

Arya Stark would be very cool. You’d be a fool to put money on it but it would be a satisfying outcome. What if like, Cersei is on the throne at the end and then there’s a post-credit scene where she peels her face back and it’s Arya? Is it too late for HBO to hire me to write the finale??

I think the safe and interesting answer here is The Night King +900. I have my money on the endless legion of ice zombies now armed with an ice zombie dragon over Gendry. Call me crazy but it seems right.




sidenote: Davos deserves the Iron Throne, man. I’m putting all my $7 on Davos. My king.


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