Let’s Go Ahead and Never Give Jim Boeheim a Standing Ovation Ever Again

Sooo Jim Boehim accidentally ran a pedestrian over resulting in a lose of life. A true tradegy. I can only imagine how Boeheim must feel. One time I ran over a cat and pulled over for like an hour just crying.

Jim Boeheim ran over another human being and was back at work 3 days later coaching Syracuse basketball and being treated by the fans as if he overcame some sort of adversity.

There is something real weird and gross about an arena full of people giving a standing ovation to a guy a few days after he murdered someone as if thousands of people are congratulating him for his conquest.

Accident or not, let’s not treat this man like he’s some sort of hero for going back to work post-manslaughter. Yes, Syracuse gave a moment of silence and had a ceremony for the family of the fallen young man but how do you think they feel to see Boeheim get showered in praise for killing their son?

This is a complicated situation and I am not saying that he shouldn’t be allowed to work again. I do think that there should be SOME sort of consequence for ya know, taking another human’s life.

I know it was night time and Boeheim couldn’t see the pedastrian but I feel like ‘I didn’t mean to’ isn’t a good enough excuse for manslaughter but here we are and Boeheim is back to his regular life a few days later like it never happened.

Sure, he feels guilty, as he should. But I bet as I’m writing this, he is currently driving around just cruising freely with the top down and his driving gloves on. Scarf blowing in the wind.

Just…don’t clap for this man like he’s ‘brave’. He’s an elderly man who killed a guy.





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