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Let’s All Enjoy The New York Knicks Dominance At Madison Square Garden (Before They Get Destroyed on the Road)

The New York Knicks are 9-7 on the season after another dominating home win against the Los Angeles Clippers. The Knicks made the Clippers look like a G-League team. Whenever the crowd starts chanting ‘Michael Beasley’, it’s safe to say that garbage time has officially begun.

Here’s what Doug McDermott said about the home crowd on Monday night:

“The crowd brought it tonight,” said McDermott, whose arm-waving, fist-pumping punctuations to his deep jumpers are like catnip for the crowds. “We followed their energy all night.”

(NY Post)

The Knicks are actually good at basketball and the city is buzzing. What a time to be alive. Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook are 7-9 and are shooting like they’re trying to bend the front of the rim while the players they cast aside are all flourishing in their absence. What a wacky coincidence that Doug McDermott and Enes Kanter are suddenly key role players after spending last season watching Westbrook iso for 48 straight minutes.

But enough about how great Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony are as teammates and super fun guys in the locker room.

The Knicks are truly having fun out there. They are 8-3 at Madison Square Garden and for the first time in years, they are smiling on the sidelines. Kristaps Porzingis can shoot from anywhere on the court. Tim Hardaway Jr. thinks he can shoot from anywhere on the court. Life is good.

But the Knicks will have to play road games at some point. They’re going to fly out to the west coast and play Golden State, Portland, the Lonzo Ball’s.

Can this team sustain their success outside of Madison Square Garden?


But I can’t wait to watch them embarrass the Toronto Raptors this Wednesday night at the GARDEN. KNICKSTAPE.



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