Let’s All Come Together And Bang Derek Chauvin’s Wife

Derek Chauvin is a serial killer who also used to work for the Minneapolis police department and has been arrested for the murder of an innocent black man, George Floyd, after a video was released of him kneeling on Floyd’s neck until he suffocated to death while three other officers sat and watched.

At first glance, it’s good news that he was arrested after a 24-hour period where it appeared as though he wouldn’t be. In fact, he wasn’t arrested until Minneapolis residents burned the city to the ground and ripped the local Target into pieces. Just a quick reminder to anyone that is against riots. It immediately worked.

But then you take a step back and remember that the system that allowed Chauvin to get away with shooting people in the past is the same system in charge of his prosecution.

White cops have been a protected class from the beginning of time.

It doesn’t matter if there’s video footage or not. They’ve already been caught essentially forging George Floyd’s autopsy to make it seem as if he had pre-existing health problems that killed him and not the 200-pound man strangling him.

The bullshit has already begun.

You can literally see the life leaving that man’s body and it doesn’t matter. He will most likely walk free just like all of these cops always do. If we can’t trust the police to protect us, there is no way we can trust them to police themselves.

So we need to take matters into our own hands and I have the perfect plan.

Enter Kellie Chauvin.

Kellie Chauvin is the 45-year old former Mrs. Minnesota and former wife of Derek Chauvin after filing for divorce this weekend which means she’s newly single and ready to mingle.

If I know guys like Derek Chauvin like I think I know them then there is nothing that would ruin his life more than allowing his wife to find out what an orgasm feels like.

To proudly murder a defenseless black man on camera is a major indication that this man has the tiniest wee wee and his claim to fame is trapping a pageant queen to a loveless marriage after impregnating her following a drunk night of lying about how heroic of a cop he is and poking a hole in his Trojan mini’s.

Prison won’t affect this impedant insignificant shell of a human. He’ll probably know all the correction officers and get special treatment. Again, that’s assuming that the justice system will magically be reformed before his fraudulent trial.

There is no true justice for what we saw in that disgusting video.

But the only peace I can think of is taking away his peace AKA making a new BLACKED scene starring Kellie Chauvin.

And to anyone cheering her for filing for divorce, let’s not pretend as if she wasn’t fully aware of how racist her husband was. She knew that gross ass shit he would say to his friends bragging about his Asian wife.

Also it’s worth noting that Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd after he allegedly forged a $20 check. The least violent crime possible.

In 2005, his ex-wife and future Blacks on Blondes star Kellie Chauvin, was arrested for forging a check at a grocery store. Notice, she’s still alive without a police officer putting her in the Walls of Jericho.

If you truly want Derek Chauvin to suffer, it’s simple: Bang his stupid ex-wife.

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