Let Women Get Abortions, You Dumb Fucks

Georgia and Alabama are in the midsts of passing over the top abortion laws that are specifically designed to hurt women.

Georgia’s ‘heartbeat bill’ will ban abortions if there is a detection of a heartbeat, which often occurs 5-6 weeks into the pregnancy way before most women are even aware they’re with child.

Meanwhile, Alabama’s law is set up to end abortions almost entirely with zero exceptions. Word.

Let’s make one thing clear: these bills do absolutely nothing except hurt women.

There is no positive benefit. There was no abortion crisis or epidemic sweeping the nation.

Old white dudes woke up one morning and said ‘fuck women’ and proceeded to strip them of their rights.

Here are a few quick abortion fun facts:

  • Women aren’t out here getting them for fun. Abortion isn’t some cool way to murder a baby. Anyone who gets the procedure done is doing it out of necessity.
  • Making abortion illegal doesn’t end abortions it just ends safe ones. Women will have to find new dangerous ways to terminate their unwanted pregnancies and women are going to get hurt in the process.
  • If you are anti-abortion (you don’t get the name ‘pro-life’ anymore. That’s too cute and it’s a lie) then you don’t give a shit about the previous fun fact because women’s lives weren’t important to you yesterday and they sure as hell aren’t suddenly of interest to you now.

Let’s also take a step back and recognize that this isn’t about babies or whatever. This is very much an attack on poor people.

There is a belief that people with lower incomes only have lower incomes because they don’t work hard and lack intelligence.

Rich people think they worked 24 hours a day to get to where they are and they’re gigantic brains brought them there but it had a lot more to do with their families generational wealth backing them up every step of the way.

Politicians are out here blaming women for not being in a place in their lives to take care of another human forever while simultaneously refusing to improve the infrastructures around these poor pregnant women.

Adoption and foster care hasn’t been improved or updated since Annie was having a Hard Knock Life so let’s get the fuck out of here with the whole ‘just give the baby up for adoption’ nonsense.

Forcing a woman to have a full pregnancy only to give away that baby at the end is the most traumatizing and humiliating shit.

Strangers feeling your belly asking what you’re going to name your child and you have to shrug because if you didn’t carry it to term then Alabama would handcuff you.

Oh, you’re not in a place where you can raise a child mentally or financially? Well you have to carry the pregnancy out anyway and pay out of pocket for doctor’s appointments while the government refuses to provide health care anddd you’re probably going to miss time from your job that already barely pays you enough to take care of your bills and if you do decide to keep the child, you better have that little brat right this second because we are a few months away from the Trump regime making it more and more difficult to get benefits and food stamps.

Again, this is an attack on women and poor people, not some moral campaign against baby murder.

Fuck that.

Let women get abortions.

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