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Let Me Know When You’re Ready To Talk About How Overrated Carson Wentz Is

Watching ESPN every day is a punishment as they all repeat the same talking points over and over between Stephe A. Smith rants and Mike Greenberg’s neuroses but whenever the conversation gets to NFC East quarterbacks there is always a debate of Dak Prescott vs. Carson Wentz.

And Carson Wentz frequently wins those discussions. As a Giants fan, it’s odd seeing the overwhelming love and support for Wentz considering he has the same exact play style as Daniel Jones and not one person seems to have anything positive to say about Jones.

Daniel Jones’s biggest criticism from his rookie season is that he turns the ball over too much. Jones had 12 interceptions and 18 fumbles in 13 games. That’s bad and the quintessential real life version of the very online phrase ‘you hate to see it’. I understand that completely.

Jones also scored 26 total touchdowns which was more than Baker Mayfield, Jared Goff, Philip Rivers and Derek Carr. It was two fewer touchdowns than Wentz and once again, Jones only started 12 games.

Also worth noting that Jones was sacked 38 times playing behind an offensive line of scraps and overpaid veterans like Nate Soldier that made Ereck Flowers look like D’Brickshaw Ferguson. Meawhile, Wentz was playing behind pro bowl guard Brandon Brooks and had Jason Peters as one of the best tackles in football for Carson’s entire career.

So it’s odd that Jones who was constantly under pressure in his rookie season gets his accomplishments diminished due to turnovers as Carson Wentz being a complete turnover machine NEVER gets spoken about.

Fun fact: Carson Wentz has 48 fumbles in 56 career games. He leads the league in fumbles since entering the league. It’s pretty cool how Jameis Winston and Blake Bortles have been rendered as backups because of their turnovers and Wentz is a Top 10 quarterback for some reason.

It’s not even like he’s this “winner” that gets W’s despite his constant mistakes. No, he actually has a 32-34 career win-loss record. He’s thrown 4 career postseason passes.

I don’t want to make this article about Wentz being injury prone because it’s football. Everyone is injury prone but shit, Kirk Cousins wins more often than Wentz and Cousins is a loser. Is there any quarterback more overrated than Carson Wentz?

In Wentz’s rookie season back in 2016, this overrated scammer threw more interceptions than Daniel Jones just did and also led the league in fumbles. Weird how Jones is being written off or ignored already while he had a better rookie season than the guy than has tricked his way into Top 10 discussions.

Carson Wentz has arm talent. There is no disputing that. He can make throws that most quarterbacks cannot. He also makes a shit ton of mistakes that most quarterbacks do not and a huge part of being a QB is controlling the football and maximizing possessions as opposed to giving them away.

In regards to the NFC East, perhaps we should be comparing Wentz with like, Dwayne Haskins.




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