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Let Larsa Pippen Fuck

Larsa Pippen just wants to live her life and everything this woman does is under a microscope. Larsa is famous for being the wife of Michael Jordan’s teammate, Scottie Pippen. She’s also famous for banging like, every celebrity that makes eye contact with her.

Her big break came a few years ago when we all found out she was cheating on Scottie with Future. Tough for Scottie to get cucked by a man who made a hit record called Jumpman. That’s a double cuck. Michael Jordan might as well have been with Future and your wife in whatever hotel room they ruined.

Last month there some photos of Larsa Pippen holding hands with Minnesota Timberwolves guard, Malik Beasley and everyone had their little opinions on that. Some people had a problem with the 46-year old woman smooching the 24-year old boy. Others had problems with the fact that, ya know, Malik Beasley is extremely married. I mean, so is Larsa. So that’s a thing.

And now my girl is back in the headlines because LeBron James’s oldest son liked a couple of her photos and the worst website on planet Earth, Black Sports Online, wrote a story about Larsa and Bronny DMing each other which both parties deny because he’s in high school and she is very much not done humping Malik Beasley.

A lot of the focus moved to LeBron and his wife publicly making it clear that they have a problem with the Black Sports Online story and that’s a conversation for another day. That website is absolute trash and the owner is a sexual predator. We don’t need to give him any more attention

But prior to this awful story, Larsa was taking hits left and right for her promiscuous behavior.

Let Larsa Pippen fuck, you weirdos. For some reason we can’t help ourselves for shitting on women for their infidelities while pretty much ignoring whenever a man cheats on their spouse. Malik Beasley has a family at home and we’re all roasting Larsa for homewrecking.

Who gives any shits about what dicks this woman chooses to sit on? We watch celebrity men bounce the same women back and forth and never have a negative thing to say about the men but have allll the smoke for the women in the rotation.

My only take away from all of the Larsa Pippen news is how hilarious it is that she’s still married to Scottie Pippen and is just carelessly being photographed with new guys while the divorce papers remain unsigned on the table by the door where she keeps her car keys.

Scottie being a cuck makes me smile ear to ear. Larsa getting her back blown out by NBA players and rappers doesn’t really matter at all and we shouldn’t even pretend to care about what Malik fucking Beasley is doing off the court.

Larsa paid a doctor a large sum to give her this face and body. Let her go out at night and get her new expensive cheeks smashed to smithereens. Larsa did not get a big fake butt to sit at home and like, water the plants or whatever. Nah, that butt was purchased to get dribbled by young millionaire NBA players and who am I to stop her?

Also fuck Black Sports Online.



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