Let James Harden Travel and Leave Him The Fuck Alone

James Harden is the best offensive player in the NBA and might be the best offensive player since Shaquille O’Neal was dragging defenders down the court running coast to coast straight up ignoring Kobe calling for the outlet pass.

Yes, James Harden is better than Kobe Bryant but that’s a conversation for another day. You know what Kobe never did? Take five steps on a step-back jumper.

I’ve never seen a move like that in NBA history.

My man almost landed in the front row. That’s how many steps back he took. He went from the rim to the sideline without dribbling once and ended up getting fouled on the play. Ricky Rubio was better off just crumbling to the ground.

Everyone seems to hate Harden’s ability to get the referees on his side but we should be applauding it. You nerds can enjoy all of your NBA players following the rules and reporting license plates of cars that don’t completely pause at stop signs.

I prefer my favorite players to constantly be taking advantage of the rule book and cheating from the beginning of the game to the end.

You want to know why James Harden travels so much? Because he knows he fucking can. Enjoy your two steps, Kawhi Leonard fans. James Harden is out here taking 5 and DARING the refs to call travel.

While everyone is calling their local precinct snitching, Harden won’t tell on himself. How do you people feel? You narcs. Didn’t realize the whole NBA community was full of the opps.

Okay, Candace. I see you. I better not see this move coming from an LA Sparks jersey this summer. You better have that same energy when your new head coach, Derek Fisher, runs the ‘be as good as James Harden’ play.

We have a star player blatantly looking the refs in the eye before the opening tip-off and saying ‘I’m going to flail in the paint when there’s no contact and I’m going to walk up and down the court without dribbling and you weak bums are going to let me’.

A king.





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