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Wife Arrested For Putting (Her) Poop On Her Husband’s Toothbrush

A Milford woman is facing charges after police said she put feces on her estranged husband’s toothbrush.

Leslie Laing, 48, turned herself in on an active arrest warrant on Thursday afternoon.

Her arrest is the result of a complaint by her estranged husband, saying she had tampered with his personal property.

Police said Laing had been the subject of a protective order from a previous domestic violence arrest.

While Laing was retrieving property from her soon-to-be ex-husband’s home, police said she allegedly put feces on his toothbrush.

Police said Laing’s DNA sample and the toothbrush were sent to the state lab where testing of the suspected feces showed a match to Laing’s DNA sample.



Dating. Is. Hard. They say it’s normal for a husband and wife to argue. It’s healthy. If two people get along too well then there is some weird codependency stuff going on. But at what point does that argument go too far? Some would say, the second you start pooping on toothbrushes.

In Leslie Laing’s defense, I too, have some of my best ideas on the toilet. That’s probably how I came up with creating Deadseriousness. Point is, her husband’s toothbrush happened to be next to the great idea machine and in a way, that’s his fault.

When your estranged wife is coming over to pick up her things before the divorce is finalized, maybe don’t let her stick around long enough to poop at your house. I don’t even like when people use my bathroom just to wash their hands for 7 seconds let alone poop. Yup, this is 1000% the husband’s fault for being so reckless.

Free Leslie Laing.



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