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Leonard Williams, Who Has Exactly Zero (0) Sacks This Season, Wants To Be Paid Like Aaron Donald

At the the 2019 NFL trade deadline with the Giants having on two wins on the season an absolutely no chance at making the playoffs, Giants GM Dave Gettleman decided it was in the team’s best interest to give away a 2020 3rd round draft pick and a 2021 5th round pick to the New York Jets for defensive lineman, Leonard Williams.

A wildly dumb move considering that Leonard Willims is set to become a free agent in a couple of months and if the Giants wanted him, they could’ve just signed him and given away zero draft picks.

You could use that third round draft pick to select a defensive lineman that would be astronomically cheaper and without a doubt more productive than Leonard Williams because it’s Week 14 and Williams has ZERO sacks.

Here’s what this bum said regarding his free agency:

“I know that I want to get a big contract, and I know that I am worth a lot. If I don’t think they’re giving me what I think I’m worth, then obviously I think hitting free agency would make sense. Everything is going to have to match up.”

“I definitely think I’m a top-tier interior defensive lineman, in that top percentage of the d-linemen. I wouldn’t say Aaron Donald [level]. But I would definitely put myself up there with a lot of those other top guys.”

I have so many negative things to say about this entire situation but it’s important for me to at least mention that since his arrival, he’s leading the team in QB hurries and QB hits but being the best player on a bad defensive line does not make you one of the best defensive linemen in the entire NFL.

Darius Slayton is leading the Giants in receiving yards. Does that mean he should be one of the highest paid receivers in the league or does that mean the Giants just have a shitty group of receivers?

Leonard Williams is dead last in the NFL in sacks. He has the same amount of sacks as Daniel Jones. Does that make Daniel Jones one of the best defensive linemen too?

Williams is also out here complaining about losing too much as if he himself has no impact on wins and losses. Maybe if you turned some of those QB hurries into actual sacks then we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Obviously Williams didn’t choose to be a New York Giants and was dragged here via trade so this seems more like Williams trying to price out the Giants as to not have to come back and play here next season but at the same time: WHO CARES?

Leonard Williams has one tackle for a loss this season. One. And he’s trying to stick up the Giants. In the last three seasons combined, Williams has seven total sacks and he wants to be one of the highest paid D-Linemen in the NFL. Laugh out loud.

Add this to the list of dumb idiot dummy mistakes Dave Gettleman has made as the general manager.

SEEEE YAAA, Leonard. Good luck with that Aaron Donald contract. But if I know Dave Gettleman like I think I know Dave Gettleman, he’s going to sign Williams to that awful deal just so save face. I’m sick.


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