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Lenny Dykstra Is Trying to Bang Lena Dunham

Cuffing season has officially begun. The leaves are starting the fall. The temperature is beginning to drop. It’s time to find that special someone you can lay in bed with on a snow day. Lenny Dykstra is right on time with his advance on Lena Dunham.

I want/need this to be the next great celebrity couple. Two outsiders who don’t have the social intelligence to understand why no one likes them. Lenny is an insane drug fiend and Lena Dunham is an insane attention fiend. Leave these fiends in a room together and let them flourish.

I don’t have many things to look forward to these days. The Knicks are going to go 0-82 this upcoming season. One of my ex-girlfriends is getting married. It’s hard out here for a Lester. I’m rooting for these two love birds harder than I’m rooting for anything. They are the hope I need.


Orrrr, they’ll end up in some sort of murder/suicide case that dominates the news for weeks which would also kind of be dope to take a break from destructive hurricanes ruining people’s lives and destructive presidents ruining people’s lives.

Lenny + Lena = Forever.



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