Leigh Ann Sepelyak

Chick Arrested For Setting Her Boyfriend on Fire and Putting Him Out With Her Piss

A Pennsylvania woman was arrested for allegedly setting her boyfriend on fire this weekend – but her partner of 10 years says it was actually his fault.  

Police say 38-year-old Leigh Ann Sepelyak and her boyfriend, identified as Grady Spencer III by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, got into a fight Saturday night or early Sunday morning at their apartment in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania.

After Spencer went to sleep, they say Sepelyak doused him in gasoline and then set him on fire with a kitchen match. The mattress caught fire, and so did the lower part of Spencer’s body. 

When Spencer jumped out of the bed screaming in pain, police say Sepelyak regretted her decision and used buckets of urine to put out the flames.

The couple live in the basement apartment of Sepelyak’s parents’ home, which doesn’t have a bathroom. They have kept the buckets in the basement so they don’t have to disturb her parents every time they want to use the restroom.

‘I think they had enough urine there to put him out,’ Penn Hills police Chief Howard Burton said.


What’s more embarrassing: Getting burned alive by your girlfriend in the middle of the night or being covered in her urine shortly after? Shout out to my girl, Leigh Ann Sepelyak for following the old relationship adage, never go to bed angry. If you start a fight, you better damn well be ready to finish it otherwise you’ll wake up with your flesh burning and smelling like a cess pool.

Now, it’s easy for people to make fun of this couple for keeping buckets of piss all over the house. I’d like to imagine that they are constantly stepping over urine buckets. Their basement is one bad day away from being like that Mickey Mouse scene in Fantasia with those brooms all holding buckets of piss.

But I get it, they didn’t want to disturb the parents. Totally understandable. I’m sure their fights don’t wake up their parents. Or lighting each other on fire. They sleep right through all of that. It’s the sound of a flushing toilet that ruins their sleep. I get it.

Miiiiight want to, I don’t know, dump the buckets out at some point? Like, instead of going out and purchasing more pee buckets, just empty out the ones you currently have. I guess it’s too late for that as all of the buckets have been dumped out on this guy’s burns.

Seems like it allll worked out.



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