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Legion – Chapter 17: The Women on This Show No Longer Have Any Agency

Legion is one of my favorite shows on television for a number of reasons and none of those reasons include the plot. This show manages to skirt around telling interesting stories by telling bad stories in an interesting way.

Chapter 17 of this series has made it abundantly clear that they have run out of clever ways to tell a story and are now relegating all of the secondary characters to literally game pieces on a map for David and The Shadow King to toy around with as they continue their excruciatingly long and stupid race to find Farouk’s old body.

Early on in the season, we see Melanie Bird reach the conclusion that men often choose their own ambitions over the women they love as she is high out of her brain attempting to warn Syd to keep a level head about her relationship with David. Then Melanie ya know, gets high some more. Nothing wrong with that.

Anddd then we don’t see Melanie again for pretty much the entire season until Chapter 17 when we learn, nope, she’s still obsessed with Oliver to the point that she gets used by Farouk and we find out that she is the reason the Shadow King came to Division 3 looking for The Monk.

Soooo false alarm. The strong woman who saved David and Syd in season 1 is just a tool for the Shadow King now because women are boy crazy and hysterical or whatever.

You could perhaps chalk this up to the fact that she spent 21 years waiting by Oliver’s bedside while he was living in an ice cube and she was never all there mentally or emotionally to begin with. When you’ve put that much time into something, you tend to stick around for the final result.

But then later on in Chapter 17, we see Lenny, a known and proud lesbian, go running out to help David after his sister, whose body that Lenny is currently having orgies in, reminds Lenny that she is in love with David.

Uh, what? When did this happen? I get that Lenny and David are close or whatever but what aspect of their relationship leading up to this point has been romantic? This just seems like a lazy plot device to get Lenny to participate in David’s plan for no reason.

Why not make her want to join David because 1. she wants revenge against Farouk and 2. she is friends with David and believes he’s the good guy here and she wants to help her friend. Nope, she’s boy crazy (moments after banging a chick) and can’t help but throw herself into the line of fire for the love of her life.

This is dumb and lazy and dumb andddd let’s just find this body already, please. Thanks.



Quick Chapter 17 Notes:

  • Sooo are we just never going to address the Minotaur in the room? No? Okay, cool.
  • I’m over this whole ‘find the body’ shit, give me a Cary and Kerry Loudermilk spin-off series that ends with Kerry stabbing death to save Cary.
  • No but seriously, I don’t give a shit about Farouk’s body.


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