legion chapter 10

Legion – Chapter 10: Find The Monk

Legion is BACK which means one thing and one thing only: an hour of amazing visuals and innovative storytelling followed by 24 additional hours of trying to rack your brain over what is actually happening.

From my understanding, the mission is pretty simple. David was told by his girlfriend in the future that he must help the Shadow King, Almahl Farouk, find his body so that he can leave Oliver’s body (Jemaine Clement).

The problem is that David works for Division 3 who is actively trying to stop Almahl Farouk from getting his body back because he will become all powerful and murder everyone and David isn’t a very good liar as he obviously distracts the team so that Farouk can waltz into Division 3, killing 11 and turning one into a pig, in order to find some monk that knows the whereabouts of his body.

The question becomes why?

Why does future Syd want David to help Shadow King find his body? In the future, David kills Farouk but some mysterious assailant seems to murder a majority of the population. When David asks his future bae if he is dead in the future, she replies ‘it’s complicated’.

Time to jump to conclusions after only two episodes, David turns into the bad guy, right? When Syd says ‘it’s complicated’, I assume she’s implying that David is the cause of the deaths which is why she is so weird and distant while speaking to him and why she tells him to help Farouk because The Shadow King is the only one that can stop David.

Jon Hamm has been narrating the past two episodes about the powers of an idea and reality. He continues to explain what happens when a bad idea is reinforced until it becomes one’s reality. The only character on this show who has struggled with understanding what is real and what is fake has been David so it’s safe to say, something is going to trigger David into misshaping and warping his own reality until he inevitably kills everyone.

Can’t wait.


Random Loose Ends:

  • Kerry being out in the world now and having to deal with the mundane and social interactions is ME and I am Kerry.
  • Samurai beats wrestler. Tank beats samurai. Tornado beats tanks. Facts.
  • That opening visual of Aubrey’s lollipop turning into the top of the carousel was incredible. Every shot in this show is incredible.
  • I hope Lenny gets a new body but I also hope that body is still Aubrey Plaza is an awkward 2017 Ghost in the Shell way where they whitewashed a Japanese woman and explained it by saying that Scarlett Johanssen’s body was the perfect human body but instead of Scarlett Johanssen, it’s Aubrey Plaza jazz singing.





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