LeBron James is a Bitch

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If you’re a New York Knicks fan, LeBron James should be dead to you. There’s no more of that ‘I hope he signs with the Knicks this offseason’ or ‘I respect his greatness’ bullshit allowed anymore. My man comes to OUR city and disrespects us time and time again.

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are supposed to walk through the Eastern Conference and they only beat the New York Knicks on Monday night because Kyle Korver went to the start menu and adjusted the shooting sliders so that he could hit five consecutive three-pointers.

LeBron James is a bitch.

Are we really going to let this man stand center court at Madison Square Garden like Terrell Owens posing on the Dallas star? That’s what we do now? We roll on our backs and say ‘wow, LeBron is such a great talent. He’s the greatest of all time’. Blah blah. FUCK LeBron.

The only reason I am able to consider Michael Jordan as the greatest of all time is because the Knicks beat the Bulls once (I know Jordan was retired) oh, and John Starks YAMMING on Jordan’s dome piece.

Sure, Frank Ntlikina and Enes Kanter pushed him or whatever but until Jarrett Jack windmill dunks onto to LeBron’s cranium and adopts his children, I can’t ‘respect’ this man. Remember when the Cavs were blowing out the Knicks and they were paying more attention to flipping bottles on the sidelines then the actual game?

LeBron James is a bitch



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