LeBron James Had a Better Roster in 2007 Playing With Boobie Gibson Then He Does Now

Everyone looks at that 2007 Cleveland Cavaliers team as the worst roster that LeBron James had to carry on his back to the NBA Finals. The San Antonio Spurs swept their asses easily and it was one of the worst NBA Finals ever.

Fast forward to 2018 and the Cleveland Cavaliers are getting ragdolled by the Indiana Pacers. Bojan Bogdanovic is putting LeBron in a torture chamber. LeBron is literally getting locked down by a guy from a war-torn nation and cement sneakers and LeBron can’t pass the ball to anyone because Kevin Love has no idea where the rim is.

Let’s look at an interesting statistic reaaaal quick:

2007 playoff points per game:

Zydrunas Ilgauskas 12.6

Drew Gooden 11.4

Larry Hughes 11.3

Sasha Pavlovic 9.2

Boobie Gibson 8.3



2018 playoff points per game:

Kevin Love 12.0

JR Smith 10.0

George Hill 8.7

Kyle Korver 7.5

Rodney Hood 7.0


HAHAHAHAHA yoooo Lebron would kiiiiillll to have Sasha Pavlovic running the floor on a fastbreak. Everyone, including myself, likes to make fun of Boobie Gibson for pretty much being a G-League player his entire short career but he was really out here in 2007 making 2018 Rodney Hood look like 2007 Ira Newble.

Kevin Love is a 5-time All-Star. In 2012 he finished 6th in MVP voting. Anddd he’s getting outplayed by the legendary Zydrunas Ilgauskas. Yea, LeBron is getting out of there the second Lance Stephenson snatches his chain. Wouldn’t be shocked if his house in Cleveland has already been sold and the James family is living out of suitcases.

Are we still giving Koby Altman credit for that huge trade deadline? Because I’m pretty sure he lost Dwayne Wade, Derrick Rose and Jae Crowder, three guys who are making huge impacts for their playoff teams while George Hill has a bad back, Larry Nance is averaging 4 rebounds a game and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen Rodney Hood make a jump shot. Laugh out loud.

Also Anderson Varejao is better than Tristan Thomspon but I’m sure you already know that. Let’s throw some respect on that 2007 team who would’ve swept the 2018 Cavs in a playoff series easily. DONYELL MARSHALL WAS OUTSCORING JEFF GREEN HAHAHAHA.

Seeeee Yaaaaa, Lebron.



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