Lavar Ball Has Now Muscled His Way Into Becoming An Assistant Coach Of His Son’s Lithuanian Basketball Team

BC Vytautas Prienai announced LaVar Ball will serve as an assistant coach for the team’s clash with BC Dzukija Alytus on Tuesday as part of the Big Baller Brand Challenge Games.

Two of Ball’s three basketball-playing sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo, play for Vytautas.

The matchup with Dzukija is the fourth of five friendly games as part of the BBB series. Vytautas is 3-0 with victories over the BC Zalgiris Kaunas reserve team, the BC Lietuvos Rytas Vilnius reserve team and BC Vytis Zanavykas Sakiai.

Ball previously coached The Big Ballers, an AAU team in the United States featuring LaMelo.

(Bleacher Report)


BIG BALLER BRAND BAAAABYYYYY. I literally have no idea what Lavar Ball’s job was like, 18 months ago but now he’s coaching an international basketball team. Mama, we made it.

Every time Lavar Ball is in the news, it is a reminder that I have no business being a father anytime soon. The simple thought of going to all of my son’s basketball games irritates me. Have you ever watched JV basketball? Hard pass.

But to not only go to all of my son’s games but to coach all of them and then move to a random ass Eastern European country in the dead of winter where you don’t speak the language and there are zero other black people around is my nightmare.

Shout out to everyone who thinks Lavar Ball is a bad dad even though he’s single-handedly making his son’s dreams come true. No one gave a shit about the middle son, LiAngelo, and now he might be able to play his way onto at least ONE NBA scouting report.

Round of applause to Big Baller Brand. Lavar Ball is one week away from being the prime minister of Lithuania. Everyone show respect before he starts World War III over there.





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