Laura Ingram Thinks MLK Would Hate Democrats Because They Protest Too Much


So Fox News host, Laura Ingram, has no idea who Martin Luther King Jr is, right? There’s no way she just said that she wonders what MLK will think about the Democrats protesting? Even if she’s thinking about the German Martin Luther with the 95 Theses, that man was protesting his ass off too. That’s quite literally how you accelerate change in a society.

Laura Ingram was complaining about Beto O’Rourke campaigning with Al Sharpton and discussing race-related issues because racists love using that childish argument of ‘stop making everything about race.

If you want to live in a post-racial landscape, why do you keep bringing up race so much?’ which is a pretty smart/dumb way to maintain the status quo. If we never point out racism then racists don’t need to defend themselves/change their ways.

Also love this Fox News move to slowly turn Martin Luther King Jr into a Conservative Republican. My man dedicated his life to the advancement of black people and Fox News hosts have dedicated their lives to stepping on black people’s necks.

Please do not let Laura Ingram make you think that MLK would be dapping up Donald Trump in the Oval Office while Kellyanne Conway sits with her feet on the sofa.

Get Laura Ingram OUUUUT of here. Go shut up and dribble.


Written by TheLesterLee

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