Landon Collins Straight Up Called Eli Apple a ‘Cancer’

So a few weeks ago I shit all over Landon Collins for having Ben McAdoo’s back when it was very clear that he had lost the locker room and destroyed Eli Manning’s record start streak for literally no other reason other than the fact that he has a bunch of quarterback bootlegs in his playbook that he couldn’t run with Eli.

Now I’m doing a full 180 and I’m back all in on Landon Collins. I want/need players to throw other players under the bus more often. Let’s all stop pretending to be brothers and talk that shit. Eli Apple might be one of the worst corners ever. Sure, he gets a lot of tackles but that’s because the receiver he’s covering ALWAYS catches the ball against him.

So you’re telling me that the kid who is probably still breastfeeding as I write this, is an asshole? No way. It’s always a good sign when a player’s mother is incredibly vocal week after week and speaks to the media in behave of her son. Oh, what’s that? You’re telling me that’s actually a bad thing? Who knew?

Eli Apple needs to get cut, yesterday. Long Live Landon Collins.


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