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Landon Collins and I Feel Very Similarly About Dave Gettleman

I like to take any and all opportunities to spit at Dave Gettleman but before I go all in, I want to point out that I’m not necessarily a Landon Collins fan. He always seemed (and continues to seem) *looks around nervously* dumb.

I’m also not condoning violence against a 68-year old man but [Ivan Drago voice] if he dies, he dies.

That being said, Gettleman would never be on the sidelines of a Giants game because based off of all the terrible decision’s he’s made, Gettleman clearly doesn’t watch football.

Landon Collins is upset that he and Gettleman never had a single conversation. Collins made three Pro Bowls and Gettleman let him walk in free agency without even a phone call or a franchise tag offer.

From a team building perspective, it made absolutely no sense. The Giants were 1-7 last season and although they weren’t mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet, they weren’t about to rattle off 8 consecutive victories so if they weren’t going to re-sign Landon Collins why didn’t they trade him along with Eli Apple and Damon Harrison?

It’s almost as if *shouts proudly* Dave Gettleman is an idiot with no foresight and didn’t even think about whether or not he was going to sign Collins until the offseason started which is way too late to be making those decisions so he essentially gaslit Collins all season long into thinking he was bringing him back and then ghosted him because at the last moment he remembered that the salary cap was a thing.

Dave Gettleman is the worst general manager in sports. (And if Landon Collins happened to ski mask him up, champagne bottles will be popped). But again, don’t hurt old people or whatever.

Go Giants!

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