Lamar Jackson Broke The Color Barrier For Taysom Hill

Lamar Ran so Taysom
could also run

Lamar Jackson stepped up in 2019 and emerged as one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the history of history. In his second year in the NFL and his first full season as a starter, Lamar led the Baltimore Ravens to a first place 14-2 record and walked away winning the MVP award unanimously.

Lamar set the regular season rushing record for quarterbacks with 1,206 yards on the ground. He became the first player in NFL history to throw for 3,000 yards and rush for 1,000. Human electricity, although I feel like adding human is both incorrect and insulting.

Lamar Jackson proved all doubters wrong.

The reports of teams and scouts wanting him to move to wide receiver or running back were certainly overblown. But we can’t ignore the fact that he was drafted at the end of the first round after Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen and Josh Allen—four quarterbacks who combined have astronomically fewer MVP trophies than Lamar Jackson.

No one predicted this level of success and it’s impossible to not look at the color of his skin compared to the shitty quarterbacks that were selected above him along with this league’s history of devaluing black quarterbacks, and not praise Lamar for overcoming cultural odds.

Yes, there were legends like Warren Moon, Michael Vick and Steve McNair that opened the door for Lamar Jackson but even in the late 90’s and early to mid 00’s, these black quarterbacks were constantly scolded for scrambling and not staying in the pocket the way their fathers played quarterback back when men were men.

Lamar Jackson was a rusher in college and he’s a rusher in the NFL. He’s changed nothing about his game and walked away with an MVP. King Shit.

With Deshaun Watson continuing to be a Top 5 QB and half of Patrick Mahomes winning a Super Bowl, it’s safe to say this color barrier is shattered.

I mean shit, we have become so accustomed to black quarterbacks that Jameis Winston can lead the league in turnovers every season and continue to be a starter. You know black people made it when we’re allowed to be as mediocre as our white colleagues.

And the final piece to shatter that barrier was Lamar Jackson’s unanimous MVP.

Enter Taysom Hill.

The New Orleans Saints third string quarterback has come out and basically demanded to be the starter and I can’t help but think he’s witnessed the black QB revolution and feels as if he’s being held back from joining his brothers.

In the Saints playoff loss to the Minnesota Vikings this season, Taysom Hill threw for 50 yards, rushed for 28 and catch a 20-yard pass. Master of nothing. 5 of clubs of all trades. It’s time for the Saints to move on from Drew Brees and unleash Taysom.

Look at this cannon arm, the way he doesn’t throw the ball far enough for the touchdown. Go off, king.

I totally agree with Pro Football Talk here.

Taysom Hill is a future star. NFL history is FULL of guys who suddenly became stars at the prime age of 30. He’s completed 6 passes in his entire career which means there’s no film on his passing game so good luck opposing defensive coordinators, Taysom’s coming.

Thank you to Lamar Jackson for allowing fellow black QB, Taysom Hill, to feel confident enough to demand a starting position with absolutely nothing on his resume to prove that he deserves that position.

Happy black history month from the Lamar Jackson Taysom Hill baton pass..













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