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The Reason Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant Gave For Signing With The Nets Instead of the Knicks is Absolute Bullshit

Initially, Irving and Durant discussed joining forces with the Knicks. Irving, who was raised in New Jersey, liked the idea of playing close to home. Durant, who was launching a media company in New York, liked the potential synergy, as well as the chance to be closer to his family in Maryland.

But that plan quickly lost steam as the Knicks lost their way. New York won just 17 games with a haphazard roster and a collection of underachieving young prospects. The Nets, meanwhile, were exceeding all expectations, eventually winning 42 games and capturing the sixth seed in the East

Simply put, the Nets had the superior roster, the more proven front office, the better infrastructure to support two superstars. Irving and Durant both recognized it by midseason, according to knowledgeable sources.(Bleacher Report).

The New York Knicks ‘lost their way’?

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are the two most dramatic children in the NBA. The reason they decided to sign with the New Jersey Nets instead of the New York Knicks is because they only won 17 games?

No shit they only won 17 games and had a haphazard roster. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant weren’t on the roster. If they consider themselves to be the best basketball players in the world, how are they shook at the possibility of joining forces on a bad team? The team obviously wouldn’t be bad if the two signed there and flipped the younger pieces for a third star like Anthony Davis.

LeBron James didn’t refuse to sign with the Lakers because they only won 35 games and finished 11th in the Western Conference. You think LeBron saw old ass Andre Ingram hitting a jump shot and being carried on everyone’s shoulder like Rudy and thought to himself ‘I need to play with this career G-Leaguer’.

You create the winning when you arrive.

It’s not as if the Knicks roster has zero assets. Sure, Kevin Knox didn’t have the best rookie season and Frank Ntilikina couldn’t get on the floor but those two combined with RJ Barrett and the Dallas Mavericks draft picks they received for Kristaps could easily bring in a guy like Bradley Beal.

But nope, these two moody teenagers saw the Brooklyn Nets in the playoffs and thought they were a better team. Except they didn’t take into account the fact that D’Angelo Russell, the reason the Nets were in the playoffs, wouldn’t be on the roster anymore.

Allen Crabbe, DeMarre Carroll, Jared Dudley, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Ed Davis, Treveon Graham, Shabazz Napier and D’Angelo Russell are all gone. It’s basically a clean slate roster. Do they really not understand that could’ve easily happened with the Knicks too? These dummies.

The Knicks ‘lost their way’. BOOOOO.

And enough with the superior front office. People keep congratulating the Nets for building a playoff team without tanking. The Nets traded a decade’s worth of draft picks to Boston. Of course they didn’t tank. They’d just be improving the Celtics.

The Knicks did everything right last season, ya know, outside of actually winning. RJ Barrett is better than anyone currently on the Nets roster.

Get these two emotionally stunted weirdos out of here. Cannot wait until Kyrie tries to get Durant to watch awful flat earth Youtube docs when all Durant wants to do is go out on a Friday night and pay for sex.

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