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Kyler Murray is the Perfect Quarterback To Replace Eli Manning

Anyone is better than Eli

The New York Giants have the 6th pick in the NFL Draft and based off the five teams ahead of them, they have a very strong chance of selecting one of the top quarterback prospects.

This year’s draft may not have as many options at quarterback as previous years but the draft has Kyler Murray, a dynamic superstar who is astronomically already better than Sam Darnold or Lamar Jackson.

There are already reports that the Arizona Cardinals, who have the first pick in the draft, are willing and ready to ship out Josh Rosen and select Kyler Murray No. 1 overall. Murray’s potential is so high that he might inadvertantly kick Rosen out of the league. It’s an evil word we live in.

Sure, the reigning Heisman trophy winner is 5’9 and is not your prototypical quarterback but that’s why he’s perfect for the New York Giants.

Every decision they’ve made in the last few seasons has been ‘safe’. Whether it’s hiring Ben McAdoo to replace Tom Coughlin because he was literally already in the buidling or having Dave Gettleman sign former Carolina Panthers that he drafted when he was the GM over there or even contuining to throw out the corpse of Eli Manning every week because it’s comfortable.

It’s time for the Giants to think outside of the box one time. Pat Shurmur was hired because he made Sam Bradford and Case Keenum look like NFL starters (they are not). Let’s give him Kyler Murray and see the offensive ‘genius’ actually go to work and innovate.

When was the last time the New York Giants had a quarterback that can bootleg out of the pocket and throw the ball on the run? Never?

The NFL is changing and evolving to a league where a 5’9 quarterback with Murray’s arm talent and ability to move around can actually succeed. The Giants would be fools to pass up on him and choose like, Drew Lock, because he’s a tall white.

Kyler Murray plays like the lovechild of Michael Vick and Drew Brees. I don’t want to hear about Eli winning two Superbowls. Those happened almost a decade ago. You don’t get to be the starting quarterback of a losing team forever because you won in the past.

And can you imagine Kyler Murray throwing to Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr? Heart eyes emoji.

The Giants have a long way to go in order to compete in the NFC East again, but drafting Kyler Murray would be the indicator that they are breaking out of their old safe habits and finally taking calculated risks.

sidenote: Dwayne Haskins is probably better but you get the point.

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