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Kyle O’Quinn Signs 1-Year $4.5 Million Contract With Indiana Pacers and Says He Left The New York Knicks Because He “Wanted To Play For Something More Than Next Year’s Draft”

What Happened?

Kyle O’Quinn was fed up with tanking for next season so he left his hometown squad and moved to Indiana. You know you’re done with the bullshit when you pack your bags from your apartment in Queens and decide that life will be better for you in Indianapolis.

You REALLY know that Kyle O’Quinn was done with the Knicks after opting out of his $4.25 million deal to go sign for $4.5 million. After taxes, he’s making the same exact money and probably playing fewer minutes than he would in New York.

You can’t really blame the 28-year old for wanting to actually play in games that matter. He spent his career on the worst Orlando Magic teams and then the worst New York Knicks teams and he had to just sit there and help the team lose to set them up for a future that he wouldn’t even be a part of.

Now he’s like, the 10th man of the Pacers bench behind other big men like Thaddeus Young, Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis but don’t be shocked if the Pacers are the No. 3 seed in the Eastern Conference and with LeBron gone, they might make a deep run next year.

The Knicks on the other hand, might lose 82 games because they want the No. 1 draft pick. Kevin Knox is going to get hot and David Fizdale is going to scream for a time out to make sure that Knox doesn’t fuck around and accidentally beat the Charlotte Hornets.

Please take care of him, Indiana. We’ll all be back in New York watching Joakim Noah play wheelchair basketball with O’Quinn’s old minutes.



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