Kyle Korver is Going To Save The Utah Jazz

What Happened?


Kyle Korver makes his triumphant return to Utah as the Jazz attempt to salvage their awful season in which they seem to be getting blown out on a nightly basis including a 50-point loss to Dallas and a 30-point loss to Indiana in a 10-day span.

The Utah Jazz are 27th in offensive rating and more specifically to Kyle Korver’s skill set, Utah is 28th in 3-point shooting percentage. Probably has a lot to do with Donovan Mitchell shooting 28.9%
and Jae Crowder shooting 29.2%

*whispers* Kyle Korver is shooting 46.3% from 3.

Utah is 9-12 which is unfortunate for people like myself that predicted they’d be the 3 seed in the West. They are currently in 13th place. Word.

Korver will help space the floor to hopefully make it easier for Donovan Mitchell to get to the basket but it seems this season, Mitchell is deadset on taking awful contested midrange jumpers. But I trust that when Ricky Rubio is running the offense, he will find Korver open for the corner 3.

Will Kyle Korver save the Utah Jazz?

The West is so close that Utah is 3 games below .500 and they’re only 5 1/2 games out of first place. A 5-game win streak would put them right in the heart of the playoff race.

Plus there is nothing more infuriating than a doofy old looking slow ass white dude draining jumpers in your face so when Korver and Joe Ingles are both hot on the same night, opposing teams are going to straight up lose their shit. Throw Grayson Allen out there too and Utah won the mental edge by the end of the first quarter.

What’s next for Cleveland?

Cleveland is going to trade everyone not named Collin Sexton. He is going to play 1-on-5. It’s going to be competitive every night.





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