Kyle Korver to the Cleveland Cavaliers Because the NBA Isn’t Fair

Just in case you weren’t 100% sure who was going to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals this season, Cleveland pulled the trigger on the first and potentially biggest trade of the NBA season as they send Mike Dunleavy and a future 1st-round pick to Atlanta for Kyle Korver, one of the greatest 3-point shooters in NBA history.

The NBA isn’t fair.

So cool, literally all of the best 3-point shooters are on the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers now. It’s January. The Finals aren’t until April. What is the point of the regular season when you already know the ending? Spoiler Alert: Cleveland and Golden State score a combined 400 points in each game and scoring records are shattered.

Perhaps I am blowing this out of proportion and I’m overvaluing Kyle Korver. Either that, or I’m picturing LeBron driving and kicking it out to Kyrie, Love, JR, Channing Frye, Shump and now Korver. I hate the Cavs.

The NBA isn’t fair.



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