Is Kyle Korver Better Than Carmelo Anthony?

Let me just quickly say before going into any further details: Kyle Korver is better than Carmelo Anthony and if you honestly say you’d rather have Carmelo Anthony on your roster right now than Kyle Korver, you are what we call in the biz, a liar.

Do I even need to go further? I feel like I’ve made my point. But Carmelo Anthony has a little bit of a different opinion than I do.


Kyle Korver career numbers: 9.9 points per game. 3.0 rebounds per game. 1.8 assists per game. 68.7 Win Shares.

Carmelo Anthony career numbers: 24.1 points per game. 6.5 rebounds per game. 3.0 assists per game. 100.7 Win Shares.

Slow clap for Carmelo Anthony. He’s had a better career than Kyle Korver. We get it. Round of applause to you, Melo. Your place in history remains unscathed, you sociopath.

But let’s be real here, Kyle Korver is the only player outside of LeBron James that is keeping the Cleveland Cavaliers above water in these playoffs. Carmelo Anthony was stapled to the bench while Donovan Mitchell ate the Thunder’s lunch.

Can you imagine what it would look like if Melo was on the Cavs? My man would be celebrating like a high school cheerleader on the bench with Cedi Osman when LeBron makes a no-look pass to Kevin Love and if Kyle Korver was on the Thunder than he would make most of the wide open 3-pointers that Carmelo missed. Korver is shooting 46% from 3 in the playoffs this season and Carmelo shot 21%. I can shoot 21%, Melo.

Is Kyle Korver better than Carmelo Anthony?

Yes. By a landslide. Duh. It’s not even close. If Carmelo Anthony opted out of his contract this offseason, he would get zero contract offers while Kyle Korver can literally play until he personally decides he doesn’t want to anymore.




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