Kurt Rambis vs. Derek Fisher

Before I begin the debate, I just want to make this clear that this has nothing to do with the two men’s coaching abilities or lack thereof. Derek Fisher and Kurt Rambis are the two worst coaches in NBA history.

You can’t have a player like Carmelo Anthony on your roster and be in last place every single year. The 76ers have guys on their roster who wouldn’t even make the local high school varsity team and they play more competitively than the Knicks have these past two seasons.

No, this debate is about one thing and one thing only; who is creepier? I think Derek Fisher’s extracurricular activities have been well documented at this point. Fisher loves chicks. There is no denying that. The man is hungry and will do whatever it takes to eat.

Apparently, Fisher was caught liking Instagram photos of other NBA player’s girlfriends including current Knicks player, Cleanthony Early. Fisher was so hungry he was trying to eat his own player’s food. No fucks given at all. As I write this, I’m sure Derek Fisher is hang gliding into your girlfriend’s DMs.

But Kurt Rambis has stepped up and proven that he too, can make everyone around him uncomfortable.

kurt rambis twitter

Kurt Rambis, I seeee youuu. @ilike2touch_. Niceeee, my man. Everybody eats. Smart move to just throw that photo in the likes. Save it for later. Like a squirrel burying an acorn to return to it the next day. That’s my coach.

It’s safe to say that the Knicks will never be good until they stop hiring coaches who are sexual predators. Remember when Isiah Thomas sexually harassed that broad for like, a full calendar year? Never forget.

So who is worse out of Fisher and Rambis? Who’s the creepiest? Who wins?

Phil Jackson wins.

The man takes a job to come and be the savior for the Knicks but immediately realizes that there is nothing he can do to fix the situation. Then next thing he knows, suddenly a similar position in Los Angeles may or may not be available soon. So the Zen Master just hires two consecutive deviants to coach the Knicks into the ground so that when he

So the Zen Master just hires two consecutive pussy hounds to coach the Knicks into the ground so that when he returns to LA he can check the Knicks off on the schedule as automatic victories.

It’s Phil Jackson’s world and we’re all lucky to be able to live in it. We are all pawns in his game. Under his thumb, which is usually in Jeannie Buss’s old yet probably super tight butt. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Derek Fisher texted Jeannie ‘you up?’ like, 3 nights a week.

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