Kristaps Porzingis Pretty Much Blames The Awful 2016 New York Knicks Season on Carmelo Anthony

“That whole first part of the season we were playing well above .500 and we played off of our talent, just based on our energy. And we really didn’t have the fundamentals,” Porzingis told ESPN’s Ian Begley of the 2016-17 Knicks that finished with 31 wins. “I felt we really didn’t have the fundamentals as a team.”

“And then this year the difference is we try to play hard defense for 48 minutes, we never give up,” Porzingis said. “We’re getting a lot of assists as a team; we’re playing together, we’re sharing the ball. And then everybody is involved and everybody’s dangerous. I think we have a better connection this year as a team.”



Sooo last season the team didn’t have fundamentals and they didn’t play defense for 48 minutes? They didn’t pass the ball enough? Kristaps Porzingis pretty much described Carmelo Anthony’s scouting report here.

You don’t become king until you murder the previous ruler and today, Kristaps became king by dragging Carmelo Anthony’s skill or lack thereof. Melo’s blood is now all over the throne room and Paul George and Russell Westbrook have to wipe it up while Kristaps sits on the iron throne with Frank Ntilikina and Enes Kanter stand as knights by his side while the Eastern Conference must bend the knee.

I’m still laughing at the Cavaliers organization for watching Derrick Rose play less than zero defense and run full speed with the ball in his hands on fastbreaks and completely ignore the shooters open on the perimeter so he can brick an easy layup off the backboard because he was running too fast and had no control.

Yea, I’ll take this current Knicks roster that actually TRIES for once, over Melo and D-Rose. We’ve got a squad full of Jared Jeffries’s except imagine if Jeffries could shoot and dribble and do anything over than take charges and try really hard. Ya know, like Lance Thomas.




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