Kristaps Porzingis Loses to Sasha Vujacic in FIFA and Flips Out

Of course Kristaps Porzingis is the best at FIFA. He’s the best at everything. In order for Sasha Vujacic to have beaten him, there must’ve been some fuckery.

I love this reaction by Doctor Doom. Vengeance. Unlike the others players on the Knicks roster, Porzingis doesn’t just take losing with a smile on his face. He wins and he wins everything. Whether he’s playing basketball, FIFA, hopscotch, it doesn’t matter. The man in a competitor.

Pretty wild that after D’Angelo Russell got into some heat for recording Swaggy P that Kevin Seraphin still decided to record Porzingis. Learn from others mistakes. Knowing NBA players like I know NBA players, I’m sure the next thing out of Kristaps mouth right after the video ended was about some chick he banged at the club.

You could be the best FIFA player in the world, you’ll never be as good as Kristaps Porzingis. No one on this planet is.


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