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Kristaps Porzingis is a Rapist


Hours after suffering a devastating knee injury at Madison Square Garden last year, former Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis came home and allegedly raped a neighbor he had invited to his luxury Manhattan penthouse, the woman told police, according to law-enforcement sources.

The alleged attack happened Feb. 7, 2018, at the soaring Sky building in Midtown West, the woman told cops after walking into the 10th Precinct station house, the sources told The Post.

The woman — who is in her 20s and also lived in the building — told cops the NBA star visited her apartment at around 2 a.m. and that she accepted his invitation to go back to his posh pad.

Once inside, the towering, 7-foot-3 Latvian allegedly held her down and raped her, she told cops, according to sources.

The woman told cops she waited more than a year to talk to police because the player allegedly promised to give her money to keep her quiet, the sources said. She told cops he promised to give her $68,000 to pay for her brother’s college tuition — but then reneged, the sources said. (NY Post)

So it would appear as though the gigantic cry baby who desperately needed a trade out of New York because he was ‘tired of losing’, wasn’t actually talking about playing next to Mario Hezonja but instead meant he was losing a legal battle with the woman he raped.

There is no way of knowing whether or not this happened, although it 1000% happened. Obviously.

But I want to take this time to quickly debunk a few bullshit claims people are making in order to defend a basketball player they’re of a fan of for whatever reason.

People think that this couldn’t have happened because he just tore his ACL earlier that night. First, his legal team has already come out and said that these two people had sex that night. Their argument is that it was consensual.

So no, homegirl didn’t just wake up one morning and think to herself ‘hey, let me head down to the police station and say a former Knick raped me a year ago and let me choose the one date of the year that would make people think I’m lying the most’.

Clearly Kristaps limped out of the hospital that night feeling like shit with a handful of Oxys and banged down his neighbor’s door at 2am. If you read between these lines, KP was smashing this girl’s cheeks to smithereens already so he went back to the well for more. Who among us hasn’t been under the influence, feeling a type of way and hit up a girl at 2am?

Except, ya know, he took things way too far and *allegedly* punched her in the face and held her down.

Look, you can’t do that. I know it’s a little too late to tell Kristaps that in America, that’s rape but yea, that’s rape, man. Like 11 times out of 10.

You’d think for someone who spent all that time with Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith, he’d have a better understanding of how to maneuver at 2am out here in these streets.

At this point, Carmelo knows how to sneak out when Lala is sleeping and get back home before she even rolls over to her other side. Art.

Good luck, Rick Carlisle. This kid is uncoachable.

Second, no one who is innocent offers hush money.

That wasn’t ‘thank you for the beautiful night we shared together. Take this $68,000 as a token of my gratitude’ money. Nah that was ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP. DON’T GET THE POLICE INVOLVED. I’M ABOUT TO BECOME A FREE AGENT BITCH DON’T RUIN MY LIFE’ money.

Also real quick, if anyone was questioning whether or not Porzingis’s brother was a good agent and business partner, look no further than the fact that my man didn’t even drop off the bag to this woman. You had ONE job. Deliver the rape hush money. $68,000 isn’t even a lot. Couldn’t get it done.

And for those who think she’s only making these rape allegations because she wants money:

  1. She didn’t ask for money. They offered it to her to stop her from pressing charges. I’d like to imagine that if an evil woman was going to sleep with a basketball player and then lie about being raped after, they’d ask for more than a game check.
  2. Do people realize how expensive court is? It’s going to cost this girl thousands upon thousands of dollars in legal fees and the system is designed for men to beat rape charges. Homegirl who pressed charges against Kobe in Colorado had his DNA samples and the court was like ‘there’s DNA from other guys too. This chick is a SLUUUUT. No way she could be raped. She liked it’.

Kristaps, you dirty motherfucker. Lock this man up. When are we going to stop these European immigrants from entering this country and rapping our daugthers? BUILD A WALL AROUND LATVIA.

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