Kristaps Porzingis is Out Here Trying to Bang Instagram Models and I Love It



Kristaps Porzingis you savage. Let’s goooooo. Eat eat eat. It’s about time Porzingis starting embracing the perks of being a young NBA superstar in the biggest city on planet Earth. The mecca of basketball. EAT.

All week, NBA players throw cryptic tweets out there to make us think that their team has made some sort of blockbuster deal at the NBA trade deadline. This Instagram message is the best one so far because it’s very clear that Porzingis has the confidence to make these moves meaning that Carmelo is 1000% being traded.

Doctor Doom is now the main star here in New York and he’s about to spend the second half of this season liking ‘big booties of Instagram’ photos on the sidelines of a blowout game. JR Smith back. Can’t wait to see a late night TMZ video of Kristaps and Mindausgas Kuzminskas getting into a fist fight outside of a strip club (but they won’t get shot like a bitch like Cleanthony Early was).

Love it, we need more savage Porzingis. Hopefully this new persona translates onto the court and we see him dunking on motherfuckers like Shaq on Chris Dudley.







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