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Kristaps Porzingis Wants Carmelo Anthony To Stay Soooo I Guess I Do Too or Whatever

“He’s an All-Star, an incredible player, and I’ve learned so much from him,” Porzingis told’s Shaun Powell during the league’s tour of Johannesburg.

“There’s still so much for me to learn from him. I would love to have him around and keep playing alongside him. But it is what it is. It’s a business. If it ends, well … I don’t know, it’s out of my hands. I’m really thankful for these couple of years I’ve been with him, just seeing how he works during the summer. It proves he wants to win and he wants to be great. I’m sure he’ll make the right decision for himself.”



Soooo yea, forget everything I’ve said about Carmelo Anthony this offseason. Looks like I have to pretend like I want him back this year. Everything Kristaps Porzingis says is law. If he wants to play with Carmelo then as do I. If he’s a bird, I’m a bird.

What if…what if..Carmelo plays defense and the Knicks win 50 games. I know I’ve been convincing myself of this every day for the last half decade but WHAT IF?!?!? Carmelo Anthony is a 10 time NBA All-Star. There is no reason why he and Kristaps can’t be better than the fucking Milwaukee Bucks.

Tim Hardaway Jr. and Courtney Lee running the fast break just lining up from behind the arc with Kristaps and Melo. The Knicks could potentially score a bajillion points. I have officially convinced myself that Ron Baker is going to have 15 assists a game.

Knicks in 4.


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