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Kris Jenner is Now Managing Kanye West and Travis Scott As House Kardashian Continues To Rule Westeros

The question is no longer if Kris Jenner is the most influential woman in the world but the question has now become, ‘how much influence does this woman have over the world?’. It is now being reported that Kanye West has split with his longtime manager, Izvor Zivkovic, and has attached himself to Kris Jenner’s puppet strings and he’s bringing Travis Scott with him.

We should’ve seen this coming. There is no way Kris allowed her daughters to have children with these men before they signed on the dotted line. These arrangements are straight out of Game of Thrones. Do you think Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are in love? Laugh out loud. They are combining houses to help improve their stronghold over Westeros.

Kim Kardashian has a net worth of around $175 million and that’s all thanks to Kris sooo¬†Travis Scott should be hyped to have cashed in. Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight was a fire album but that came out in 2016 and he hasn’t done shit since. Also, if Kris was his manager, she wouldn’t allow Travis to name his album something super dumb like Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.

Kanye West lost his mind a year ago. That’s not even hyperbole. Kanye was on suicide watch. My man is one bad day away from turning into the Joker so this is a critical point in his career. Personally, I’m totally okay if he stops making music and focuses on his clothing brand and family or whatever.

If I know Kris Jenner like I think I know Kris Jenner, then we’re about two weeks from seeing Kanye West’s dick all over the internet before we wake up on a random Sunday morning to a fresh Kanye album that is only available on a website that you need to pay $1,500 to access Kanye’s discography.

Remember when Kanye said he was running for president in 2020? Oh, that’s inevitable now. Kim Kardashian is going to be the First Lady and Kris Jenner is going to be the true ruler of the world as she will be whispering in their ear like The Emperor in Star Wars.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the TSA works for Kris. Check outside right now, I bet Kris Jenner is rummaging through your trash looking for leverage.

It’s Kris Jenner’s world and we’re all lucky enough to live in it.





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