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Kris Dunn’s Teeth Exploded Out His Face Onto The Hardwood After a Dunk


Kris Dunn has quickly become one of my favorite NBA players this year. He has no qualms about taking the most shots on the team. Whether he makes the shots or misses them, he is screaming in his defender’s face because, in his mind, he is unguardable. He is quite guardable but he thinks he isn’t and I love that. He is Dion Waiters with less talent than Dion Waiters.

Now Dunn’s hubris has led to him no longer have teeth in his mouth. As it was written. This was bound to happen.

Kris Dunn yelling ‘FUCK HIM. FUCK HIM’ was one of my favorite moments of the season. Dunn dunking and landing directly on his canine teeth is has toppled that moment entirely.




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