Kobe Bryant Thinks James Harden and Russell Westbrook Should Share The MVP Award


Kobe Bryant joined ABC’s NBA coverage over the weekend and dropped some hot takes including saying that Harden and Westbrook should be co-MVP’s which would be the lamest thing in NBA history. Kobe is one of the most competitive players ever and he thinks two men should share a trophy. Former NBA players are the woooorst.

I definitely think it’s an interesting discussion but at the end of the day, I cannot watch the Oklahoma City Thunder lose to Houston and Golden State all season long and still give the MVP award to Russell Westbrook. He can put all the stats up he wants, and he does, but if your team gets embarrassed every single time you face a championship contender, you are not the most valuable player in the NBA.

Now, I’m no body language expert but hey Sage Steele, keep it in your pants. That’s a married man. Shout out to that poor custodian who had to mop up her splooge after sitting next to Kobe.



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