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Known Cancer, Eli Apple, Suspended For The Rest of the Season After Telling Reporters He Had To ‘Take a Shit’ To Avoid Questions

What a rollercoaster season for the New York Giants. Reallyyy thought that this year was going to be a cakewalk to the playoffs. Last season, the Giants had the best defense in the NFL and were straight up embarrassing opposing quarterbacks.

Now the star player on the team breaks his forearm and says that Eli Apple is a cancer and apparently everyone in the Giants organization agreed with him and chose to suspend Apple. Imagine finding out your coworker pretty much says he loves everyone in the office EXCEPT FOR YOU and then you head into to work the next day and you get fired because of it. Laugh out loud.

Also, if people are questioning your attitude and your maturity, maybe don’t avoid questions because you have to ‘take a shit’. Ya know, because that’s something a teenager would do and you’re an adult man who is seconds away from having your NFL career cut short.

RIP Eli Apple’s Career 2016-2017


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