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Kliff Kingsbury and Holly Sonders Are Banging

Awww congrats bae, so proud of you!!! You scammed USC yayyyy.

Oh heyyyy, they’re past the ‘crush’ stage and into the ‘she publically acknowledges that you’re dating but you still haven’t deleted Tinder yet and you’re still sort of playing the field’ stage. How cute.

Awww look at Holly defending her man in her Instagram comments as Kliff Kingsbury sucked at Texas Tech but still stole an NFL head coaching job from far more qualified candidates awwwww.

Everythinggggg makes sense now.

Holly Sonders is a golf analyst for Fox Sports. She does the occasional sideline reporting and guest hosting gigs but for the most part, her area of expertise is golf.

The two biggest golf hubs are Florida and Arizona. Hm. Interesting. Suddenly I’m okay with Kliff Kingsbury abandoning USC after signing there two weeks ago and running to coach the Arizona Cardinals even though he’s never coached in the NFL before and nothing in his coaching history would forecast success at the next level.

All of my worst decisions have been made in hopes of getting laid in the end. Kliff is moving to Arizona to play a few holes with Holly Sonders, if you know what I mean. *high fives my fraternity bros*

This was destiny. The two hottest entities in sports were bound to slam genitals at some point. It was in the prophecy. Now I’m stuck spending the rest of m day thinking about these two gods humping. My day is ruined. Or made, depending on how full your glass it or however that expression works.





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