Kirk Cousins Ruined John DeFilipo’s Life

What Happened?

The Minnesota Vikings lost on Monday Night Football 21-7 to the Seattle Seahawks and they were held scoreless until the final two minutes of the game. They fell to 6-6-1 on the year and have decided to move on from their offensive coordinator, John DeFilippo.

The problem is, John DeFilippo was in the first year of his contract and didn’t even get a chance to unpack his bags before he was fired after a pretty disappointing season.

The biggest criticism of DeFilippo was that the Vikings had all but abandoned the running game entirely this season. Dalvin Cook and Latavious Murray have a combined 29 carries in the last two games. The Vikings have scored 17 points in those two games. 

The Vikings offensive line is trash this season. Kirk Cousins has already been sacked 10 more times than Case Keenum was all season last year. You know what could ease a pass rush? A strong running game.

Having said that, let’s not pretend that John DeFilippo didn’t earn this job. As the Philapdelphia Eagles offensive coordinator last season, he turned Nick Foles into a Super Bowl champion. That didn’t happen accidentally.

And if we’re talking about last season, the Vikings were a game away from that very same Super Bowl thanks to their offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur who is now the Giants head coach.

So let’s quickly recap: John DeFilippo transformed Nick Foles into a god. The Vikings were a game away from the Super Bowl with Case Keenum as their quarterback. 

So what could possibly be the problem in Minnesota?

Perhaps it’s the quarterback that has a 4-24 career record against teams with a winning record. Perhaps it’s the quarterback that has won a grand total of ZERO (0) postseason games. Perhaps it’s Kirk Cousins, the highest paid player in the NFL.

Kirk Cousins is absolute garbage and he robbed Minnesota of $84 million then ruined John DeFilippo’s career all because he gets a lot of passing yards or whatever.




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