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King Lester’s Top 10 Hottest Women on Television Right Now

For last year’s International Women’s Month, I wrote King Lester’s Top 10 Hottest Women Over 50. No better way to celebrate women than to objectify some of the women on television who are straight up killing it week after week.

These are the women that make basic simple cookie cutter ABC shows watchable. The unsung heroes of cable. Not every woman can make it to the big screen. Some of them are out here crushing the TV screen and bumping up Netflix subscriptions.

Here are King Lester’s Top 10 Hottest Women on Television Right Now:

10. Julia Louis Dreyfus

I can’t not include Julia Louis Dreyfus on any list involving attractive women on television. She checks off every box. JLD is the queen of comedy and Veep is one of the best and funniest shows in the game right now.

Julia Louis Dreyfus continues to look better with age which either says a lot about the power of makeup in 2017 or that I’m a creep attracted to old broads. I’m okay with both possibilities. I think she made my list of top 10 over 50 but I never go back and read my old nonsense so I’m obviously not going to double check.

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