Kim Mulkey is the Queen of College Basketball

Baylor head coach, Kim Mulkey, made history on Tuesday night when her Lady Bears defeated Texas Tech 77-62. Mulkey won her 600th career game and needed only 700 games to reach that milestone which makes her the fastest Division I coach to hit that mark ever. Insane.

In 20 seasons at Baylor, she has a 600-100 record and 3 national championships with a potential 4th title on the way this season. She averages 30 wins per season. Everyone always talks about Geno Auriemma’s dominance as the UConn coach and those scrubs aren’t even in the Top 5 of the AP Poll right now. Bums.

She’s led Baylor to the NCAA tournament 18 times. She’s the only women’s coach to ever win a National Championship as both a coach and a player. She was an All-American point guard at Lousiana Tech in the 80’s. In 1984, she won the Frances Pomeroy Naismith Award—an award given to the best male and female basketball players below 6-foot.

Oh, she’s also won an Olympic gold medal back in 1984.

Kim Mulkey has been the baddest motherfucker in women’s college basketball from the second she stepped onto the court in 1980 and now she stands on the sidelines at Baylor wearing technicolor dreampantsuit in quaternary shades that the human eye cannot properly discern.

Here’s what the GOAT said after her 600th victory:

“Thirty wins, 20 years, I can’t comprehend that. I’m thinking about the next game. The next championship. To put it in perspective, I’m humbled. But coaches don’t stop and smell the roses really until they retire. How much I have left in the old tank, I don’t know. But I’m not on empty.” 

Kim is only 57 years old and I guarantee she can run a 4-minute mile right now if she had a solid enough breakfast. She’s not going anywhere.

Excelling in women’s athletics can often be ignored. Especially in a world where ESPN would rather show highlights of ordinary dunks in meaningless G-League games being played in dark empty local high school gyms than highlights of the Baylor Lady Bears dominating night after night, year after year.

She should be spoken about in the same sentence as Coach K, Roy Williams and Tom Izzo.

All hail Kim Mulkey, who will go down as the greatest coach in college basketball history. What an honor to be alive.









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