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Kim Kardashian Now Has The Same Body As Your Grandmother

Sooo, it looks like the Kim Kardashian sex symbol window has finally shut. A couple years ago there was that photo of her on the cover of Paper Magazine popping champagne on her own butt that broke the internet. Now there’s a new picture of her butt that is ruining the internet.

Kim Kardashian had a good run though so I won’t cry for her. She was on dorm room walls for over a decade across this great land. Now she’s a mother of two and has the body of a mother of ten. It appears as though she has missed a few appointments to fix her behind and now she’s going all natural with her fake butt which is a weird combination.

It happens to everyone. Pamela Anderson got hepatitis. Angelina Jolie decided to adopt every child she made eye contact with. Farrah Fawcett died. Now Kim Kardashian is gone.

RIP Hot Kim.





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