Killf Kingsbury is Going To Save USC Football

Kliff Kingsbury was recently fired by Texas Tech after finishing 7th in the Big 12 with a 5-7 record and a strong 5 game losing streak to end the season. Not great. But he was still sought after by NFL teams to come run their offenses but Kingsbury chose to stay in college and join USC’s coaching staff.

Kingsbury is responsible for the offense that gave Johnny Manziel his Heisman award. He is also responsible for Patrick Mahomes’s godlike passing statistics a couple of seasons ago. One time Mahomes passed and rushed for a combined 819 yards in ONE GAME.

He also coached Case Keenum too, if that matters.

Sure, Kingsbury can’t put a defense together but he can score points which makes him the perfect offensive coordinator for a school that seems to have forgotten how to get yards. Long gone are the Pete Carroll days when he’d buy your mom a house and you’d come and win a Heisman by your sophomore year.

USC finished the 2018 season 5-7 which was their first losing season since 2000. They had the second-worst offense in the Pac-12.

Enter Kliff Kingsbury.

Texas Tech averaged 37.8 points per game in the 75 games Kingsbury was the head coach and when Patrick Mahomes was the QB1, they averaged 45.1 points in 2015 and 43.7 points in 2016. Kliff Kingsbury has a straight cocaine adrenaline-fueled offense of just chucking the ball downfield and bombing opposing secondaries all game long.

Playing against Kliif Kingsbury is like what I imagined how it felt on the beaches of Dunkirk when the Germans trapped Engish solders and just bombed them for 24 hours straight.

USC started freshman QB, JT Daniels. He finished with a quiet 14 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Those are like, Marcus Mariota’s current stats. Kliff Kingsbury is going to kick the doors in and transform Daniels into the best quarterback in football history.

The Air Raid Offense is coming to save USC. The Alabama reign of terror is over. It doesn’t matter how many NFL players Bama has on their defense. When JT Daniels is sitting in the shotgun with 5 wide receivers spread out, all he has to do is identify the single coverage, which is almost always the deep route, and let the ball fly.

USC 56 – Alabama 21





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