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Khloe Kardashian is Getting Desperate and Dropping $50,000 a Week on Tristan Thompson

An insider tells Radar that the reality star “feels like she needs to drop big bucks”

in order to keep the Cleveland Cavaliers star happy — which has led to her spending more than $50,000 a week

on fancy jewelry, ritzy dinners and a bottomless supply of booze for him — and even for his friends!

“If she keeps this up, she’ll go broke,” says the insider, who adds that Khloé also shells out for private jets

when she flies to visit the Ohio-based athlete. “Tristan makes way more than she does, but he never spends a dime. It’s completely lopsided.”


Exhibit A of Addicted To What The Dick Did. Poor Khloe. She had a taste of that NBA life when she married Lamar Odom but by that point, Odom’s career was pretty much coming to a close and you know, he couldn’t stop smoking that sweet sweet delicious crack rock.

Tristan Thompson is in the prime of his career and he’s on the best team in the NBA. How can you blame Khloe for wanting to ride that wave as long as she can. It’s been reported more than a few times that Tristan keeps trying to dump her so he can focus on his career but nope, she’s not about to let that happen.

This is either going to end with wedding bells orrr Khloe will file for bankruptcy. Either way, I am on the edge of my seat to see how this disaster ends. I can’t wait for next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where Khloe’s accountant is begging her to stop taking private jets to see Tristan play in Milwaukee for a night.



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